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"Everyone was telling me to do it": Interview With the Class of 2024 President

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I must have been eight, maybe nine years old when I first met Bezalel Shin. It was at a gym, (now called World Gym, then called B2BE Sports & Wellness) where parents would drop off their children for sports lessons or CrossFit. The kid's area was in proximity to the swimming pool and the racquetball courts, so of course, I had to do both while my mom and the other Korean parents would chat in the lounge.

I can’t remember how I met him or what I thought of him, but we did end up getting acquainted and seeing each other occasionally, perhaps once a week. From there, we ended up taking robotics classes together with another child our age and getting our behinds handed to us in competitions. After the lessons, we didn’t talk to each other again for some years, and I was quite surprised to learn that he had become Class President of 2024. He seemed to be intelligent and interested in social studies, so I contacted him to become the Vice President of the Mustang Journal. Although his attendance is off, and he can be a bit goofy, I wouldn’t want anyone else to occupy that position. His articles have been great so far, and his presidency has been more proactive than I can remember of the last two years combined.

So in honor of our collaboration, and to get the public in touch with what goes on behind the scenes at Otay Ranch as we embrace a new semester, I have decided to embark on an interview with the President. The following interview sheds light on who Bezalel Shin is as an individual, and as a leader who helps Otay Ranch reach its maximum potential.

The Interview

I recently sat down with Bezalel Shin, the Class of 2024 President and Vice President of the Mustang Journal for an interview and look into the life he leads. Bezalel started the interview by introducing himself and his various roles, before diving into why he decided to run for President.

According to Bezalel, his popularity and his involvement in track and field and wrestling were factors that led to his success in the election. Additionally, his experience as the President of Mock Trial Club was also beneficial as it taught him the importance of planning and communication - skills that are crucial for a successful President.

Moving on to prom, Bezalel revealed that there are plans to create a prom committee and start looking at possible venues, decorations, catering services, and DJs. With his experience in planning and communication, it's clear that Bezalel is well-suited for his role as Class President.

I was curious to learn more about his personal philosophy and leadership style. I began by asking Bezalel: "It's hard to explain, but I can summarize it as 'trying to reach out to as many people as possible,'" he replied. "I truly believe the world would be a better place if people communicated more clearly with each other. I know that's hard for many people, especially those who consider themselves introverts, but I try my best nonetheless."

Bezalel's beliefs have played a significant role in his approach to being a leader. As the President of the Mock Trial Club, Bezalel enjoys debating and communicating with others. "It involves so much planning and prepping it's almost ridiculous, but nonetheless enjoyable," he said. "I'm mostly in it for the communicating and debating. 90% of the President's job is just planning ahead and discussing with fellow council leaders."

Bezalel's leadership skills have also helped him in his role as class president. When asked why he decided to run for President, Bezalel said, "People in my class continually asked me to run since my freshman year. Practically everyone, including my family, was telling me to do it, so then I thought, 'why not?' If I win, then I become President. If I lose, then at least I can say I tried."

Bezalel's popularity and involvement in several clubs and sports contributed greatly to his success. "I suppose my popularity did have some part to play in my success," he said. "But more importantly, I want to make our senior year as enjoyable and event-filled as possible, especially with all the craziness that happened our freshman and sophomore years."

Bezalel has big plans for the future, including fundraisers and events for his class. "We definitely have some fundraisers planned, including one for Chipotle that is… well, we'll get to that next time," he laughed a bit. "But more importantly, tomorrow we'll have this event planned where people can have a 'mini-wedding' on the senior lawn. Complete with photos, a certificate, and a ring." I was surprised and amused by this idea and asked Bezalel if he plans to participate. "Yes, you will find me tomorrow at the senior lawn with a suit as the minister. I'm quite excited for it," he replied.

I also asked Bezalel about the upcoming prom and what plans they have for it, this was his response: "We're thinking of creating a prom committee and looking at possible venues, avenues, decorations, DJs, catering services, etc.," he said. "It's still in the planning stages, but we want to make it a memorable event for our class."

Bezalel's dedication to his class and his passion for communicating and debating are evident in his role as President. I asked Bezalel if he plans on running for office again next year, and he replied with a nervous laugh, "Yes, I do plan on running next year. I want to make our senior year as enjoyable and event-filled as possible, especially with all the craziness that happened during our freshman and sophomore years."


In conclusion, Bezalel Shin's leadership style is rooted in his personal philosophy of reaching out to as many people as possible. His dedication to his class and passion for communication and debating make him an excellent choice for class president. I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and look forward to seeing what he accomplishes in the near future.

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