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Jujitsu Kaisen X Fortnite Collab

On the 8th of August middle of this year within Fortnite's new V25.30 annual update, they have once again provided us fellow players with yet another anime collaboration. Jujust Kaisen joins the Fortnite anime locker as it is the 5th collab that epic games has incorporated into their game following popular ongoing shounen Animes like Naruto, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Super, and Attack on Titan.

Actual Skins and Price Details

With the release of any new kind of skin collab happening in Fortnite, there always comes prices. As many of you may know, Fortnite currently uses an in-game currency system known as Vbucks. This is purchasable through their in game item shop. The only downside to this is that you must use real money in order to buy the actual currency. This is not only one of the main ways that epic games have become a multi-billion dollar company, but a fantastic and addicting method of drawing its consumers in one after another. With the Jujutsu kaisen collab being on the uprising due to season 2 part one also finishing around the same time; Epic games has taken full advantage of this. While there are bundles within the item shop where you can buy each character along with back blings and or pickaxes, Nobara, Megumi, and gojo all cost 1500 vbucks each. This is equivalent to 15 irl dollars each. Even for an anime collab this is definitely one of the bigger drawbacks as the prices are extremely hefty.

What's Different About JJK Vs Previous Collabs?

Unlike other anime collaborations that Fortnite has done in the past, JJK’s is relatively different in a multitude of ways. For one the hype is exponentially greater than any other past anime collabs that Fortnite has done. Leakers all over social media platforms such as twitter, youtube and tik tok were all leaking early versions of the skins and what was to come. Alongside that Fortnite implemented their own JJk type of Challenge battle pass with their collaboration. In order to get the Main Character, Itadori Yuji, Players must complete the “Break the Curse '' event where people will have to do in-game challenges in order to gain cursed energy and break the soccer grades (items in battle pass). Progressively this is a new way to engage players to play the game more and a reason in order to stay. Epic Games has also implemented new in game power ups used in the anime. Players can now use Gojo's infamous hollow purple move or even Nobaras Nails/Hammer!

Season 2/ Recommendations

Overall, Fortnite has done an amazing job with implementing Jujutsu Kaisen into their Game. Everything ranging from gameplay and how the actual skins look is perfect. With all of the positive feedback they are getting from the players it looks like other characters may be added as well in the future from JJK’s anime. Season 2 of JJK’s anime is also phenomenal and the hype from both the final episode of Season 2 part one, alongside Fortnite’s collaboration is the premiere of a lifetime. I fully recommend immediately checking out Season 2 of JJK streaming on crunchy roll and to check out the new skins on Fortnite.


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