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The U.S. Government Confirmed Aliens Are Real and The Internet Isn’t as Shocked at All

The U.S. Department of Defense recently released official Navy video evidence of what they classified as “unidentified flying objects” in order to “clear up any misconceptions” regarding whether evidence of extraterrestrial or unknown objects seen in the sky.

Conspiracy Confirmed

With the confirmation of hundreds of government documents regarding extraterrestrial incidents and objects, theorists online and people who have gone years being ridiculed for their accounts of their experiences are now reveling in the confirmation of what they had been stating for so long. This has sparked conversation online all around the world and created debate regarding the existence of aliens and potential nature of them as well. This confirmation of extraterrestrial existence and interaction with us was made in court by Navy Intelligence Official Scott W. Bray and Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security Ronald Moultrie.

Subcommittee Meeting Details

On May 17th of 2022, an Open C3 Subcommittee Meeting was held to discuss the evidence and existence of extraterrestrial objects and observations that have been made by pilots of the Air Force, and other defense members who, with social stigma regarding unknown and unidentified objects, were discouraged from reporting these sightings and incidents. Despite this, there are over 400 incidents that are on record officially in government documentation from citizens and federal government workers, including the testifying intelligence and defense officer Moultrie and Navy Intelligence Official Bray. During the meeting, both of these intelligence and defense officers confirmed sightings and the existence of extraterrestrial objects and possibly beings as well, supporting the decades of alien conspiracies and sightings from people in and outside the government.

Furthermore, there has been a spike in sightings since 2021 according to the amount of reports regarding UAFs, unexplained aerial phenomena, according to the Department of Defense sighting records, which further prompted this meeting as the last meeting regarding extraterrestrial objects was over 50 years ago. Stigma around officially reporting these sightings has impacted the reflection of truly how much we have witnessed and taken account of over the years.

Underwhelming Reaction

Despite this groundbreaking news and confirmation from officials of the government itself, the internet seems to have had little reaction to it. Although major news companies and outlets online have written articles and published opinion pieces regarding this confirmation, the topic has yet to become something more than a new template for jokes by people online. Because of this, the question of what truly can shock us or surprise us anymore is raised. If aliens being confirmed by the government isn’t enough to catch us off guard or by surprise then what can?

@anxxietycrypt on Tiktok

Alien Confirmation Creates Meme Trend

Being the internet, only the most bizarre and unexpected reaction is to be seen when it comes to news like this, especially coming from the government itself. The influx of memes and online content regarding the recent alien confirmation has sparked interesting debate regarding the current state of the world and politics as well, considering how unfazed the general public seems to be. Especially in the U.S., people feel as though aliens are the least of their worries as inflation rises, human rights issues are increasing, education is actively being targeted, and all the chaos of the world at the moment. It makes sense that the internet wouldn't have a particularly shocking reaction to this news regarding aliens.


Overall, it is obvious that there are issues people online are much more concerned with than aliens and their recent confirmation by our own government's Department of Defense. This underwhelming reaction says a lot about the current state of the world, and the confirmation of aliens has left many conspirators relieved that their experiences and sightings have now been supported, despite social stigma that still continues today.


3: @anxxietycrypt

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