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The Warning Call of Scientists Regarding Climate Change

In the last few years especially, scientists across the world have been making serious cautions and warnings to the public about climate change as the effects it has on the environment have gotten more severe with time. These warnings have become more drastic as the stakes continue to rise with the worsening condition of the environment. One recent warning call to the public that has been made unfortunately resulted in the death of a scientist desperate to have people listen to the warning signs of climate change and expressed how if everyone knew what he knew, the world would act immediately to save our planet.

Motivations for Action Regarding Climate Change

With the suppression and silencing of the scientists who are urgently advocating for change in our energy supplies and human activity which is causing such devastating effects on the environment. The continuous lack of preventative measures being taken by society on all levels has only exponentially increased the very real and very fatal consequences of overconsumption, overproduction, and unequal distribution of this energy. The dangers and future disaster that climate change will have if we continue to ignore the evolving threats that climate change presents to our planet and environment.

Part of the warning that many scientists are tirelessly trying to inspire is the realization to the general public and SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) to take action against climate change and its contribution by major corporations and energy industries. One of the proposed solutions towards working is using renewable energy and more sustainable alternatives to plastic and fossil fuels. This would radically change the entirety of our societies, economic systems, living systems, and much more which scientists have advocated as the necessary step to truly make a significant impact in the fight against climate change.

Who Was Wynn Bruce? And Why Does His Warning to Us Matter?

Wynn Bruce was a scientist, climate change activist, and Buddhist who was well-known in the scientific community for his passion for preventative action regarding climate change and his previous attempt of self-immolation in 2017 to also bring awareness to the climate crisis, which he attempted again on Earth Day of 2020, resulting in his death. However, this was not an act of suicide or motivated by suicidal intentions, rather it was “an act of compassion,” as stated by a fellow scientist and good friend of Wynn Bruce, Kritee Kano.

The sacrifice Wynn Bruce made to help bring attention to the current climate crisis that is occurring across the globe has further enhanced and added significance to the movement as people have joined together to honor his death and life mission to help keep our environment stable and safe for future generations. In a note from 2019 by Wynn Bruce to David Loy, a friend, philosopher, author, and climate activist, Bruce exclaims, “Burning fossil fuels for energy will be the end of us all!... The children of the future are effectively being attacked by the existing power structure”. The message echoed in Bruce’s advocacy and the warnings of fellow scientists fighting to bring awareness to the fatality of the effects that climate change has already had and will continue to have as it worsens.


Overall, the sacrifice Wynn Bruce made to the cause he had been so passionately dedicated to throughout his career and life has not been in vain. Many climate activists and fellow scientists who knew him continue to fight for change in his honor and to help make a difference that Wynn Bruce had put his life’s effort to. It is essential to educate ourselves and do what we can to advocate for measures to bring awareness to climate change and do what we can to live in honor of the generations of scientists who have brought light to climate change. Encourage conversations about climate change and what you can do in your everyday life to make an impact, because it starts with you Mustangs.



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