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Love in the Festival

It was the day of the festival. I was sitting in front of my reflection, tidying up my appearance, adjusting my clothing and hair. I watched my lover enter my room in the reflection, his own look astounding, leaving me a bit starstruck.

He draped his arms around me in a loose hug and I put my hands on his. “I see you’re ready, love.” He smiled and made some minor adjustments to my hair. “And I see you are still preparing. I came to tell you that my sister needed help with the stall. I’ll be leaving a bit early, but I’ll try to find you after I’m done.”

“Do you wanna meet at the fountain maybe? Or you could stay at the stall.” He shrugged and gave no real response. “Alright, well I’ll see you there.” I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and said goodbye as he began leaving the room.

It took me another hour to get everything I needed. Apparently he’d organized my room, but seemed to forget to tell me where everything was. I ended up rushing out the door with my bag hastily slung over my shoulder.

The streets were bright and full of people as it were with any other festivities. Lanterns were strung above the walkways and homes were colorfully adorned. As pretty of a sight it was, I was more focused on finding my love.

I knew where the stall was, it was closer to the town square, but close to the bakery which was a bit off from the square. I pushed through crowds of people who were all dressed similarly, the same red and orange hues in their clothes.

As I finally managed to get to his sister’ spot, I found that my dear was nowhere to be seen. I looked around in the crowd, getting a look at each face and person, trying to single out my lover.

I kept searching and searching, but found myself unable to find him. At this point, I was stood up on the stand. I felt a hand tapping on my thigh. I looked down as to who it could be and saw the face of my love and once again I was starstruck by his appearance.

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