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When Can I See You Again?

The first day, I’m alienated and lost

Smushed into a box, praying for hope

Confined within these 4 walls

A lowly servant

Unable to break the chains

The second day, harshness surges from hell

Sympathy and generosity a mere fantasy

A fresh calf, hounded by ruthless tigers

Oh how I long for the past

For it was all I lived for

The third day, relief had appeared from the heavens

But indeed it proved false

Caresses of rain, dried in the unrelenting desert

The facade quickly broke, taunting me

That nothing here would remedy my hopelessness

The fourth day, I’m beginning to numb and forget

The sweet kisses of yesterday

Forgetting the feeling of love and affection

Falling to insanity

Without your sweet touch

The fifth day, sobbing and desperate for you

Praying for your gentle hands

Reaching out I pray

Yet the call goes unanswered

I wish to see the bubbly sunsets

I long for the ventures in the evergreens

I beg for just one more laugh

One more smile

When can I seek forgiveness?

When can I see the light?

When can I vanquish my regret?

When can I learn to love?

When can I see you again?

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