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ORHS Students Survey the Return To School from Winter Break

On January 10th of 2023, Otay Ranch High School students returned to the new semester from fall break. With the new year and second semester of the 2022-2023 school year, I conducted a survey, and students across different grade levels reported on how they feel going into the new semester.

Preparation For the Second Semester

With the start of the new year and returning to school, many students felt ready for the new semester, though not all. Feeling unprepared when returning to school, especially for a new semester, is common and very normal to experience. However, this can lead to falling behind on work and procrastination due to the overwhelming feeling of going back to school. If you feel unprepared returning to school for the new semester, resources such as the wellness center, your counselor, your teachers, and tutors who offer tutoring at our school library.

In the survey I conducted, most students reported feeling moderate in regard to their preparedness for the upcoming semester. There were a few students who reported feeling prepared as well as some expressing feeling completely unprepared as seen in the image above.

School-Related Stress/Anxiety During Break

Although winter break was a time of rest and relaxation for many of us students, stress and anxiety regarding going back to school can interrupt this time of necessary break from the stresses of the school itself.

In the survey I conducted, many reported feeling stress and anxiety regarding returning to school to some degree. Feeling anxious to return to school for any reason, such as social anxiety, possibly getting sick, etc. often occurs in times of significant change, such as returning from break into the new semester. Support systems and resources are available in the school, as previously mentioned that are available for you if you need help in preparing for and adjusting to the new semester, such resources include your friends and teachers/counselor that are able to assist in any planning and preparation that can be made to best help you get back into the rhythm.

Adjusting During the First Week

As the first week of the new semester comes to an end, the survey I conducted also asked students how their teachers have been helping them adjust to returning to the classroom from break. As seen in the image below, many of the students reported that they felt their teachers were, at the least to some degree helpful, with some reporting their teacher’s assistance to be very helpful. Reach out to your teachers if you need help getting on track with a class and ask questions so you know what is expected to be completed and by when, more information will be helpful in making your return back to school go as smoothly as possible.

Starting the Year Strong

With this, it is essential and very beneficial to reach out to your fellows and use the resources available at school to help with your classes and schoolwork for you to succeed this semester. Don’t procrastinate and ask questions when you don’t completely understand something, your teacher and counselor are there to help whenever you need. Have an excellent Martin Luther King Jr. Day Mustangs!


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