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One Piece Live Action Release

On the 31st of August 2023 heading into the fall Season, Netflix, The most popular streaming form of entertainment, has provided us with a TV live Action Version of One Piece. A couple weeks right after the Natoriuse release of Episode 1071, they revealed Luffy's most anticipated power transformation. For One Piece, the future is looking bright alongside the Live Action release as fans cannot get enough of it!

Hype and Controversy

With the new live action series coming onto the internet and originally being leaked going back into early 2023, there is much to say about it. People all over the internet were originally having discussions over how terribly portrayed One Piece would be in live action. People didn't believe in this project mainly because of how hard it would actually be to create a live action version of one piece. Unlike other mainstream manga or anime out there right now, One Piece displays vast worlds/scenery, difficult powers to CGI (computer generated images), and likable characters that have specific and hard requirements to play. With that being said, there was much doubt in the community on whether this live action will be successful. However, all of that changed once Netflix released the castings/first trailer.

Odas Supervision

At around the same time, the castings for each of the Strawhat pirates were revealed. Shortly after, the first trailer came as well with more information on the series. The live action trailer that was released on July 21st 2023 displayed great promise, greatly reassuring everyone in the One Piece community. The trailer perfectly captured the journey and feeling that the audience gets whenever they watch One Piece. In a beautiful cinematic opening with music, the trailer showcased all of the spot on performances and was perfect in every way. Seeing each of the actors within the trailer was also accurate as they portrayed each of the straw hats to their utmost potential. Characters like shanks and Garp were also portrayed perfectly brought to life in a way where it was like they were directly taken straight out of the manga/anime and into the live action. Of course, this surprised many until the news got out that the creator of One Piece himself, Eichiro Oda, was the one directing/composing for the live action all of this time. Inaki Godoy plays a perfect Luffy with Nami and Zoro's actors as well, which was very well received by One Piece fans online. What is also very amazing is that Echiro Oda oversaw actors with great acting skills and the same nationalities for each of the straw hats as well. This can be seen with the actors such as Inaki being full Brazilian himself, just like the character he was casted as: Luffy.

Actual Episodes/Runtime

With the episodes finally being released onto Netflix, what surprised many was how the arcs of the story were split across the Live Action series. Initially, many thought that the episodes were going to come out one at a time every week. However, it was exactly the opposite. Netflix surprisingly released all episodes at once, allowing for fans to binge watch the entire series in one go. Alongside this news, Netflix decided to divide the early arcs of One Piece evenly. In total there are about 8 episodes, and each episode is around an hour in length. The series covers the entire anime up until the end of the Arlong Park Arc of the story. While the Live Action One Piece may not blow your expectations away, it is still a highly enjoyable watch that is for both accustomed and new viewers to enjoy. I highly recommend you check it out on Netflix, Mustangs!


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