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FNAF Movie Premiere: A Worldwide Sensation Waiting to Happen

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

With 13 games and over 25 books and novels, the Five Nights at Freddy's Franchise has now announced and set the premiere date for their movie to be officially in theaters on Friday, October 27th. Though there are some earlier showtimes on Thursday night in some theaters. Not only has there been great anticipation and hype online, but the FNAF Movie has already made a profit even though it hasn't been released in theaters or on streaming platforms yet. This is because many streaming platforms wanted to buy the rights to have the FNAF Movie for their members to watch and so far Blumhouse, the production company that created the FNAF movie and Peacock have the streaming rights of the FNAF movie, which has already given Blumhouse a profit on creating the FNAF movie.

Announcement of FNAF Movie: An Unexpected Addition to the Franchise

When the making of the FNAF movie was first announced to the internet, FNAF fans were caught completely off guard and in great surprise of the official creation of a movie as part of the FNAF franchise. This initially caused great confusion and disbelief in the community and online in general, including me, as even many fans simply didn't know if the news and rumors of a FNAF movie being in the works was truly happening, or if it was a new hoax being spread across the internet. Good news for us, this news was in fact accurate and true as famous horror movie production company Blumhouse created promotion posters and a website for people to explore regarding the FNAF movie! This sparked great anticipation, theories, and content from fans hyping up the movie as the idea of the FNAF movie being released just later this year, right before Halloween, was very exciting news for all FNAF fans and people who grew up with the franchise, like myself.

Trailer and Insight into the Movie

On June 27th of 2023, the official FNAF trailer released to the internet on the Universal Studios Youtube channel, which caused fans all over the world to revel in the clues given into the movie and what will be included, many hoping the iconic Springlock suit scene depicted in the third game in the franchise, Five Nights at Freddy's 3, will be featured. Additionally, the high quality production and use of real-life animatronics for the movie can be seen in the trailer and caught the attention of many fans as this only made them more excited to see what the movie would turn out like, given the amount of money and time from a professional movie production company like Blumhouse, who is also famous for making great horror films such as Get Out (2017), The Exorcist: Believer (2023), and The Black Phone (2021). Allusions to stories from the books are also made in the trailer, one of the most pointed out one being a reference to the FNAF story, Into the Pit, as a child in the trailer ominously goes under into a ball pit after the pizzeria closes and the lights lower. Since the release of the first trailer in June, the second trailer released on August 30th, 2023 and additional clips of content has been released on the Universal Studios Youtube channel since to help promote and give people looking forward to the movie more to talk about as the premiere date got closer and closer.

The Cast: A Widely Debated Concern

Upon the trailer releasing, the cast was immediately a controversy among fans online as many questioned the selection of the main cast especially, such as Michael and William Afton. John Hutcherson, who has played many famous lead and supporting lead roles such as in The Hunger Games movie series, plays as "Mike Schmidt, better known by the fans and FNAF community as Michael Afton who is the son of William Afton, who is played by Mathew Lillard. However, fans have been more concerned about people who helped shape the FNAF community back in the mid-2010s would be seen in the movie, such as Youtuber Markiplier, "MatPat" of the famous Youtube channel: Game Theory, and fans had a field day when famous Youtube creator CoryxKenshin was featured in the first FNAF trailer, as a taxi driver. The reveal of CoryxKenshin being in the movie has led to even more hype online from not only FNAF fans, but also fans and people who follow CoryxKenshin to look forward to seeing the movie!

"For the Fans"

After some showtimes on Thursday, October 26th, 2023, many movie critics who went to see the movie had mixed reviews on the FNAF movie. Despite the various claims made by movie critics of the plotline, structure of the movie, and "excessive jumpscares", in an interview with Universal Studios, one of the directors and co-writers for the movie, Emma Tammi stated "We wanted to make sure we were doing the fanbase justice...they were really at the forefront of our minds." Across several announcements and content released in promotion of the FNAF movie, it has been made clear from the creators and people who have helped with the creation process for the movie that the target audience and people who the movie was made for is for fans of the FNAF franchise.

FNAF LA Location

Not only has there been promotion and content online released by the officials creating the FNAF movie, but there was the creation of a real-life building imitating the FNAF pizzeria which sparked even more hype for the movie on social media platforms across the internet. Videos and photos fans have taken with or at the FNAF location in LA have been shared online in the upcoming weeks to their premiere of the FNAF movie and have acquired great popularity on social media platforms.


With that, make sure to go see the FNAF movie sometime this premiering weekend if you can and don't spoil the movie for those who aren't going to see it until later! Go show your support for the FNAF movie and have a spooky watch, whether you're seeing the movie in theaters or streaming it on Peacock, enjoy it with some friends and family if you can! Let us know your thoughts and review of the movie and we may include it in an upcoming article reviewing the FNAF movie! Stay safe and enjoy the FNAF movie, Mustangs!


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