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ORHS Student's Survey Fall Break for 2023-2024 School Year

Returning October 10th of 2023, ORHS students have been back at school from Fall Break for a week now. After two weeks of break from school, let's see how those weeks were for our fellow Mustangs!

Fall Break Activities of ORHS Students

In a survey conducted for ORHS students to report their fall break, all students said they were able to relax and sleep in as well as most getting to watch a movie and play video games. There were a majority of students who also reported getting to spend time with friends and family, with 25% of respondents having traveled somewhere during the time off. Some students also recorded working, doing homework, extracurriculars, and activities related to school during their fall break as this time off gave many students a chance not only to rest but to catch up on work so far for this school year.

A majority of the respondents were seniors as well, so some students reported working on college applications and activities to help with the college application process. This includes a response from our very own Journalism Club President, Yechan Kim, who "studied for the SAT" over Fall Break. Overall, a majority of respondents reported having positive feelings about returning back to school from Fall Break, with 50% reporting feeling excited to be back in class, and 37% of respondents feeling relaxed or indifferent.

Fall Break Overall Reflection

Depending on who you ask, some students will say break was too short, that we need more time off. Some students may even feel as though break was too long, and are glad that we are back in our classes for the new quarter of the year. Though most will agree that the 2 weeks we were given off for Fall Break was a good amount of time to rest, spend quality time with family and friends, catch up on work, and have more time to dedicate to our hobbies. In the survey I conducted for ORHS students to reflect on how their Fall Break was, 75% of respondents said their Fall Break was "Great" with 2 other respondents reported having an "Ok" or "Not good" break. It is great to see a majority of respondents have a good Fall Break experience, it is understandable that not everyone will have the same experiences and reflection of their Fall Break. Hopefully for any Mustangs who did not have a good Fall Break that you are able to enjoy being back in school!

Back from Fall Break

After the first week of school back from Fall Break, students have slowly but surely returned the daily life of our school schedule from before we went on Fall Break, now with some more energy and feeling well rested starting the new quarter. A special thank you to all of the ORHS students who participated in the survey conducted in order to create this article and accurately reflect the Fall Break experience for our students. Make sure to stay on schedule with your classes and work Mustangs and hopefully you had a good Fall Break!


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