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Sunflowers To Scarlet Maples

Waking up from the deep trance that I was Once in,

Hence the morning dew that seeps in.

Will the sunrise prance on me once again?

Or shall it wait among the clouds until the end?

As Daisy's coast along the cool breeze,

Only one flower may make the sun rise;

For the prize is something that all will Fore see,

The deep warmth that engages us is falling to an end.

So no more will the Sunflower bloom,

Were we a fool to think the warmth would cover us all?

The misty veil that seeks is inevitable

But what shall come from this?

After doom and gray upon the Sun, that sets around its seeking flowers

What will come from It?

Unanswered as they go, a new season welcomes us,

One that is unexpected but alluring.

Sickly sweet syrup and blissful hints of scarlet welcome us.

Adequate falling of the botanic Ruby's flutter and float among us,

However we must be the ones to seek its warmth.

For the falling Scarlet Maples Will cushion us, from the unjust sunflowers that misuse our trust

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