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Goodbye to a World

Life bowed their head down as they gazed lovingly yet sadly at the wonderful thing they called their child: the universe. Each planet with its own unique terrain and structure, every star with a different shine, even the most microscopic spec of space dust Life cherished with all their heart. But now they must part ways with their child, and Life was devastated as ever.

The planet they cherished the most however was Earth. While humans had their moments of selfishness, inhumaneness, and violence, when the balance between the light and the dark was not present, humans turned into advocates of restoring peace and bringing justice to the land when balance was not present. Life adored the fighting spirit of their humans, until they all died off, only with fragments of their lives being scattered across the desolate streets as proof that they have lived.

Now with several millenium passing and everything except animals and the organisms that exist on plants and the rotting structures left behind by humans they too must say goodbye to the life they once knew.

Death gazed at their colleague. Knowing that they must destroy Life’s creation is already depressing as it sounds, but the cycle must repeat itself. “If you want to stay you may stay.” Death told them. “No, I shall stay. I want to see all of them before they leave.” Life plainly stated. “As you wish. I shall now begin the freeze. Don’t worry my friend. Before you know it, we shall be starting anew.” Death calmly reassured Life.

Death took a deep breath before waving their bony hand over the vast expanse of the universe. The galaxies, stars, and celestial bodies started to ever so slowly drift apart. Life watched as the energy from their creations got lesser and lesser as they distanced themselves. One by one, the energy emissions of every one of Life’s children came to a halt, before they were completely stationary.

It was all so dark and empty. Nothing but fragments of a universe that did exist were left behind in this black void with nothing left to fill it. Soft tears were shed across Life’s porcelain skin, but no sign of sadness was evident on their face. Their irises faded into a pure white, but the tears still gracefully fell down Life’s face. Death placed their cold and bony hand on top of Life’s smooth hand. “We shall have a chance to make this all anew in the future.” Death said to give a sense of hope for Life.

At this moment, it felt like the universe had dimmed. The sensation of lights being turned down low caught Life and Death’s eyes, but another object was glowing in the distance. It looked like a white panel that grew in size as it got closer to Life and Death. As the panel was in the eye view of the two forces of the universe, it stopped growing gradually as it halted in front of what was left of the universe.

The white panel began to flicker, with words appearing on the front. The words “the end” were elegantly written, flickering on and off the white panel. A peaceful piano melody began to play as the words appeared on the panel, slightly echoing as if to mimic the empty state the universe was now in. “There was no mention of this panel at the end of the universe. Do you know what this is?” Death asked his colleague. “A creation my humans called ‘credits.’ They play at the end of movies, films that tell stories, that list off the people involved in the movie.” Life explained.

“I’m sure I’ve heard of this thing you call music somewhere…” Death tried to recall the last time Life was explaining music to them. “Clair De Lune. By Mr. Claude Debussy. Wonderful man who was very talented in music.” Life added.

Words began to flicker again on the panel, with Life and Death immersing themselves in the now quiet universe as Clair De Lune echoed through the universe.


The Creator of the Universe… Life

The Destroyer of the Universe… Death

The Galaxies

The Planets

The stars

The meteors

Every living being and once living being

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