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Barbie and Oppenheimer Movies Premiere

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

This Friday, today, July 21st, the much anticipated Barbie and Oppenheimer movie both release for general audiences across the world. Ever since their announced release date being the same day, online competition and debate of which movie to see first or which is better has created endless trends and content online from creators looking forward to the release of these movies.

Surprising Collaboration

Despite the concern over these two movies competing for audiences on their premiering day, a trend of the two movies collaborating has become very popular called Barbenheimer, combining the names of Barbie and Oppenheimer. This originated from the creators of the Barbie and Oppenheimer themselves in a post encouraging fans of both the movies to come together for the release of movies. The post helped spark a new trend with creators and fans online that has led to an exponential increase in people reporting planning on seeing both the movies on the same day, one in the morning and the other in the later afternoon in order to get the full experience of both films.

Mission Success

This new trend exploded online in these past couple weeks leaving a great anticipation for both of the movies this Friday. Plans for a cool Friday morning opening the day watching the Oppenheimer movie then getting drinks and lunch with friends before seeing the Barbie movie has become a very popular idea across social media platforms as the days to these movies’ release gets closer and closer. The marketing teams for both Barbie and Oppenheimer have been using advertisements, trends, and memes to promote the movies, the Barbie and Ken mugshot template gathering tremendous amounts of interaction online from artists, cosplayers, and fans ecstatic for the movie.

These early-release photos of Barbie and Ken posing for mugshots in the upcoming Barbie movie created a new meme and art format for fans to use which helped trend the Barbie movie for the last few weeks before its premiere. Ship art, fanart of two characters who are paired together (usually romantically) became very popular with the new Barbie and Ken format which helped hype up the movie even more.

Opposites Attract?

Another reason the two movies have created such intriguing online discussion is because of how different the movies are from one another. The Barbie movie being a colorful, playful movie based on a beloved childhood toy and Oppenheimer a dark, twisted depiction of war and the end of the world; this has led to an unexpected pairing of the cute and dark film as fans from around the world display their transformations and outfits from one movie to the other as well as their moods for each of the films.

Premiere Today!

Overall, both of these movies have created a significant moment of internet and cinema history. The premiere of both of these movies will be a memorable occasion for many all around the world as people go to the theaters to see Barbie strut a hot pink outfit and Oppenheimer try to stop the world from ending. The Barbenheimer apocalypse has begun as the movie's premiere today, July 21st! Hopefully many students here at Otay get to see them today for their premiere and if you haven’t gotten tickets already, go buy tickets to see Barbie and Oppenheimer, Mustangs! Let us know what you think of the movies on our Instagram account @mustang_journalism !!


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