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College Application Season Has Arrived

Many colleges and universities across the country and world have opened their doors for students to apply for the upcoming 2024-2025 year! Though there are some applications that open in October, most of the current applications that are available will be due in early November, so if you plan on applying, make sure to start your college application/s soon so you have time to fill them out to the best of your ability.

Senior Resources and Information for College Applications

There are many online and on-campus resources for any of our students who plan on applying to any colleges and universities! Our counselors, VPs, and other staff including teachers are more than happy to help with any questions or concerns students may have regarding the college application process. There are also programs and partnerships that our school has with certain California colleges and universities that can help you get admitted into colleges like San Diego State! Make sure to reach out to your counselor for more information regarding what requirements you need to graduate as well as assistance for getting into your dream school/s. It is also recommended that you contact the admissions office of the schools you plan on applying to so you can learn more about the school before sending in your application to help guarantee your admission!

Scholarships, Grants, and Financial Aid

One of, if not the most important aspect of applying to college and university is finding out how to afford it. For many students here at Otay, there are hundreds of local, state, and district scholarships that are available for students to apply to! It may seem daunting to apply to scholarships or grant offers, but they can greatly help reduce the price of going to college, if not pay for your education entirely. Additionally, the student financial aid form, also known as the FAFSA, opens at a later time this year than they usually do, so there will be less time for students to fill out the application. With this, it is vital for all students who are interested in filling out the FAFSA form to complete it as soon as possible, as the student financial aid system is a first come, first serve system. Make sure to reach out to your counselor, colleges/universities you are applying to, and any organizations are a part of as there might be more opportunities to receive financial help or scholarships than you initially believed!

What You Can Do Now

With that Mustangs, make sure to look into the school you wish to apply to and any additional resources they may have regarding things such as financial aid! It is recommended any student applying to UC schools begins their application soon if you have not started already as it is a time-intensive, but relatively simple application! If you need a letter of recommendation for your college application, make sure to reach out to your teacher in advance to your deadlines by at least 2 weeks, similarly for counselors if you are required to have a letter of recommendation or reflection from them. Good luck on college applications, Mustangs! Make sure to put your best self forward to help get into the colleges and universities you want to attend!


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