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Minecraft Releases New Cherry Grove Biome

In mid-February of 2023, the hit survival, long-time favorite video game Minecraft, dropped the all-new Cherry Grove biome in the game’s 1.20 update featuring new cherry blossom trees and wood items that can be made with the new cherry tree wood.

Teasers for this new biome were featured across the verified Minecraft accounts on several social media platforms, amping up all Minecraft lovers across the world for the big reveal. This new update has brought new fans to the beloved video game and encouraged veteran Minecraft players to check out the new biome. The addition of the Cherry Grove biome has created an outburst of positive feedback from the community and increased content regarding Minecraft across social media sites and streaming platforms such as Youtube.

Not only are there new trees introduced with this Cherry Grove Biome, but there are also Cherry Grove themed villages with all-new buildings and features for players to discover.

The Japanese-style houses and buildings in the village feature a Torii, a traditional Japanese gate found commonly at the entrance of a Shinto shrine, in the center of the village. This homage to traditional Japanese culture is a very respectful and appreciated addition to the cherry blossom trees now found in the Cherry Grove biome, as cherry blossom trees are very well-known and associated with Japanese culture.

This new Cherry Grove biome has its very own cherry blossom trees and new villages, there has also been a new cherry blossom forest biome that combines the new Cherry Grove biome with the forest biome that has been present in Minecraft Java since the 1.2 update back in March of 2012. It was made by an Indonesian Minecraft player who makes custom commissions and featured this photo of his “Cherry Blossom Forest” on his Twitter account.

Furthermore, the official Minecraft blog listing the new update’s features also states that “Pigs, Rabbits, Sheep, and Bees” will spawn in the new Cherry Grove biome as well as “a new flower, Pink Petals, as ground cover, which can be crafted into Pink Dye” which will be featured across the new biome from the cherry blossom trees.

Overall, this new biome in the big 1.20 Minecraft update has brought the community a new big feature to explore in their own Minecraft worlds with friends and other Minecraft players from around the world. The bug fixes and accessibility adjustments that are also laid out in the update’s official description on the Minecraft website also help improve the player experience while playing in this new, fan-loved biome. The implementation of traditional Japanese-style buildings in the new Cherry Grove themed village also demonstrates the dedication of the development team at Minecraft and making sure to pay respects to the cultures they get their inspiration from. Make sure to check out the new cherry blossoms in the Cherry Grove biome in Minecraft today Mustangs!


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