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ORHS Students Survey Summer Break

With Summer Break officially ending in just 2 weeks, it is expected to see students who feel nervous or concerned about returning for the upcoming 2023-2023 school year. As a reminder, the new school year at Otay will start on Wednesday, July 19th 2023 which is in just less than 2 weeks from now.

Summer Break Activities

With the end of the last school year, students now have much more free time this summer to spend time with their family, friends, and travel or go to fun events over this summer break. In a google form regarding summer break so far, all of the participants recorded spending time with their friends and family as well as sleeping in now that students don’t have to wake up early to attend school this summer. Almost 90% of people also said they relaxed, watched a movie, and traveled so far over this summer break. Although many also worked out, went to an amusement park, or playing video games.

First Half of Summer Break

For many Mustangs it may feel as summer break just started and has been going by very quickly, while others say it feels very long and boring. When asked about how they felt about summer break having already reached its half way point, a majority of participants said they felt nervous and bored, but also excited. All of these, including the less popular answers such as relaxed, are all common feelings to have as the new school year approaches and the thought of returning to school may bring worry to many students. With this, it is important that resources are available for students going into the new school year and that a safe, welcoming environment is created for returning students as well as our incoming freshman class. Your counselor, the school psychologist, school therapist, assistant principals, and teachers are all here to assist any student who may feel overwhelmed or anxious when the school year begins and will put their best foot forward to ensure you can do your best while here at Otay!

Participants were asked about their favorite activity or event that they had gone to during the first half of summer break; these were some of the responses:

“Going out with family.” -Megan Garcia, 12th

“Going to the Little Italy Farmers Market with my friends” -Anonymous, 12th

“I went to LA with my volleyball team for 3 days and we all stayed in a hotel and it was super fun.” -Anonymous, 11th

“Going to the carnival with my dad :)” -Nova, 10th

“Going to Europe with my family.” -Anonymous, 12th

“When I was on a call with my friends watching them play horror games.” -Anonymous, 12th

“Crying to an absolute masterpiece of a game. OMORI taught me to forgive myself; the ‘Final Duet’ scene broke me and that was the first time I’ve ever cried over a fictional piece (or from any story I’ve read or watched in general). I ended up feeling super depressed but also happy as it taught me to value life more. I used to think that my life was meaningless but now I’m learning to let go of the past. This game now holds a special place in my heart, its charming visuals and beautiful dialogue help reinforce my thoughts. The precious words ‘Everything will be okay, I promise’ has now been carved into my spirit. I would recommend this game to everyone, PLS GIVE IT A TRY” -Casey Jaden Pablo, 12th

Future Summer Break Events

Additionally, participants recorded what events and activities that they are most looking forward to as the second half of summer break begins. Here are some of the responses:

“Going to see my mom!” -Nova, 10th

“I'M GOING TO EUROPE AAHHHHH!” -Anonymous, 11th

“going to a concert with my best friends :)))” -Anonymous, 12th

“Going to the beach.” -Megan Garcia, 12th

“A new dress I ordered arriving, going on a road trip and my birthday.” -Anonymous, 12th *Author’s note: Happy birthday :]

Start of the Next School Year

Although it can be assumed that all of our Mustangs wished summer break would last forever, that is not the case for all, though a majority of participants did comment on extending the amount of time allotted for summer break. When asked if they were looking forward to going back to school for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year, these were some responses from participants.

“I'm excited to get a feel for my new classes but I'm also not super excited to start them.” -Anonymous, 11th

“Kind of but not necessarily. I’m happy to see my friends but a whole load of pressure comes back.” -Nova, 10th

“I'm excited to be more productive during my days but being productive means homework and college apps and things that scare me.” -Anonymous, 12th

“I’m excited to see my friends, but at the same time I feel as though summer has been too short. Plus, I’m not ready to become a senior because it feels as though yesterday was still Sophomore year.” -Anonymous, 12th

“They should’ve added more weeks tbh.” -Casey Jaden Pablo, 12th


Overall, summer break seems to have been a good time for many Mustangs and we here at the Mustang Journal hope that every student enjoys the rest of their summer break before our new 2023-2024 school year starts! Make sure to take time to relax, engage in hobbies you enjoy, and go out to have some fun (if you can). Whether you are working to get your driver’s license, interning, working at a job, traveling, or simply staying at home and resting this summer, make sure to take care of yourself and get into healthy sleeping habits as the start of next school year approaches! I would like to send special appreciation to all the people who participated in the survey I conducted for this article, many of whom are good friends of mine! I am looking forward to a year of intriguing and plentiful articles to be written for the Mustang Journal by yours truly as well as our many talented writers. Have a good rest of your summer break Mustangs!


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